Partnerships & Collaborations

Our Mission

We want to create awareness as well as give directly back to the organizations that support us. By teaming up with Love Yourself, you instantly give back to mental health organizations as well as allow us to expand our vision.The main goal of our partnership is to create something that properly represents both of our brands.

The Process

We want to make custom clothing for your organization - we’ll handle all designing, mockups, and merchandising. All you have to do is give a green light on the design & shop the hoodies, tee shirts, and stickers to your organizations member. We'll set up an online store so your organizations' can buy directly from us and we'll donate a percentage of profit back into your organization.

Moving Forward

Down the road we’d love to set up on-campus events with awareness initiatives, music,

 and a clothing pop up.If you're a part of brand or organization that may be interested in collaborating, let's connect!